How to buy a black ceiling fan

Black ceiling fans have their own pros and cons and that’s why it’s better for you to ask for recommendations.

Color Scheme

Ceiling fans are use also for decorative reasons not only for providing cool breeze. You can buy fans with elaborate designs and lighting fixtures.

But maybe the most important thing is the color scheme. Make sure it matches and blends the colors of your room.

The same principles apply to the style of the fan. Simpler models are appropriate for more modern homes, while wooden and gold colors are for classic homes. The blade color is also very important. If you want to buy a fan that exudes modern atmosphere than you should look for black ceiling fans.

One trick you can do is paint one side of the blades in one color and the other side in another color. This way you can switch the color of the blades from time to time.


Because the blades are painted black they will reduce the illumination. The light will be absorbed by the black color and this will not only may the room darker but may also damage the blades, especially if the light source is set above the blades. The color can fade and may require future replacement.

Cleaning the blades

A major disadvantage of these black blades is that dust particles will be more visible on them than on any other color. This makes them look more unclean. Make sure the blades are wiped regularly with a damp wash cloth.

Replacement and maintenance

Black ceiling fans are very easy to maintain. You can make the blades look like new by repainting them. This is an easy job and you can easily find the same color shade. Scratches can also be easily repaired. If the need to replace the blades arises, then you can just buy a new set from the same manufacturer.

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