How to buy a central air conditioning system

Buying a central air conditioning system is more complicated than you may think. You need to consider a lot of costs. The installation is more complicated then for a standard wall air conditioner.

Also there are maintenance and operating costs that need too be calculated.

Ductless vs conventional central air systems

The first thing that you need to consider is the type of equipment that is right for your home. This will also influence the costs of the installation. Ductless systems are great for any house, especially that they have smaller installation costs. They have an outside condensing unit that feeds indoor individual evaporator coils. These coils are smaller and have their own air handlers. The only disadvantage is that there are limitations concerning the air cooling capacity of these units.

Traditional air conditioning systems usually have a larger individual air handler. This works best for larger areas, like an office building. Also the system has multiple condensing units and air handlers, depending on the size of the area. The size needs to be vigorously calculated, as a larger unit will make the humidity levels hard to control and a smaller unit will overwork and be inefficient.


You should know that central air conditioners add a lot to the costs of electrical power. Condensing units are measure in units called SEERs – Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating, and can be calculated by dividing the cooling capacity and the power usage of a non-stop working unit. Higher SEER means higher efficiency. The best are 12 and 14.

The bad part is that these units are usually more expensive. You should also consider other elements that may interfere with your air conditioner, like climate and insulation.

Maintenance and warranty

Maintenance costs can be quite high and can add up over time. Some companies also offer maintenance services and may be a good chance for you to save some money.

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