How to cut heating bill costs in the winter months

There isn’t a better way to enjoy the holidays but by saving some money. And you can do this by cutting the cost with heating bills.

Because of the extreme cold in the winter months your heating system will need to work full-time to sustain a comfortable temperature in your house.

You can lower the costs with heating energy by doing a few obvious things.


With the proper insulation you will save more money that you could expect, and not only in the winter time, but also in the summer. Insulation will keep your house warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Older homes will need more insulation because of the materials that the house is built with. Attic insulation is very important. More than 70% of the heat is lost through the roof. A few types of insulation are rigid foam boards, spray foam, fiber glass and cellulose.

Air leaks

Air leaks must be covered in order to assure an even better insulation. By having air leaks you allow cold air from the outside to enter your home, thus your heating system spending more time on heating it. Some common air leaks can be found near your doors and windows. Seal the spaces between the frames and the walls.

Insulation tips

  1. use insulation tape to prevent air leaks.
  2. caulk the spaces near the windows and doors.
  3. avoid extra expenses on door sheeting by doing it properly the first time.
  4. secure the joint and joists.

These few tips will help you reduce the costs with your heating system and will let you enjoy the holidays.

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