How to install a split air conditioner

Most of the times, there is a problem when you want to install a window air conditioning unit. It may be a problem of compatibility between the window and the AC unit, or it may be size problem. In these cases you should think about the alternatives.

You can still install an air conditioning unit without having to be a window one.

Installing a split air conditioner

Split air conditioners are great for any house and the main advantage is that their condenser and evaporator are not connected together. These two parts are linked with wires and pipes, for electricity and refrigerant.

First of all you will need to install the outside unit. One important thing is to cover the unit as it contains vital components for the AC system. Use brackets to fix the outside unit.

The unit can be installed a little off-level to help the drainage. Now insert the pipes and wires through the wall to the indoor unit. Attach them to it. Check the pipes and wires and then plug-in the AC unit inside.

An alternative to this split air conditioner is a mini unit. These are very energy efficient and are great for small rooms.

Another alternative is a portable air conditioner. These are great as they can be moved where ever you want. The important thing is to buy the right unit size. These are measure in BTU and to be efficient you should calculate the square footage and then multiply it by 30. This will be the number of BTU units.

Also you can install central air conditioning systems, but these are efficient only for office building.

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