How to install an AC unit without blocking the airflow

Proper installation of the air conditioner unit means higher efficiency. One important thing is the airflow.

Tools and Materials Needed

  • Air Conditioner
  • Window
  • Screws
  • Screwdriver
  • Electric Outlet
  • Paper Strips and Tape

Placing the air conditioner

You will need to seal and secure the air conditioner onto the window frame.

To do this just slide the air conditioner into place and then close the window on top of it. Put the seal around the frame’s edge and attach the spacers to the window to fix in position the unit.

Plug-in the air conditioner

Make sure that you have an electrical outlet near the unit. It would be great. If not, then use an extension cord, but make sure that it’s plugged directly into an electrical outlet. AC units use a lot of energy and sometimes cords can become hot and may get damaged and cause shorts. Also the unit shouldn’t be moved.

Airflow quality

You can test the airflow in a simple way. Also you can determine if the filters need to be replaced or are improperly installed. Put several strips of paper on the blowers vent. Use some duct tape. Determine how the air is moving and if it’s constant.

Also determine if the rooms is being cooled uniformly. Go to different places in the room and see if the temperature is the same. If it’s not the same, then the airflow is not evenly distributed. Check the filters.

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