How to install an air conditioner in a fire escape window

Fire escape windows are to be left untampered with and they shouldn’t be obstructed by any objects. These are the conditions by the law, but there is a way that you can install an air conditioner without breaking any rules and also leaving the fire escape window free.

Purchasing a mini split air conditioner

The great thing about mini split air conditioning units is that they are quite small and are easily to install.

The outside unit can be fixed outside on the ground or on the wall and the inside unit fixed on the wall.They will not interfere with the fire escape window.

Outside unit installation

There are two thing that you need to worry about when you install an outside AC unit: there must be an outlet near the unit and also the unit needs to be fixed with some metal brackets. Use some anchor bolts to fix the bracket on the wall.

Inside unit installation

The unit on the inside can be secured on the same way you did with the outside unit. Just mark the holes where the anchors will be fixed and install the bracket. The unit needs to be as close as possible to the window if the wires and pipes connections to the outside unit are short.

Hose attachment

After you have fixed the two units, attach the hose to both of them. Open the window and slide the hose through the gap. Be careful not to cut the hose. Sometimes the hose has some clamps that fix it to the wall. Use them to do that.

Sealing the window

Cover the hose part that sits on the window with some foam and then close the window until it sits on the hose. Cover the gap with some more foam.

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