How to make an air conditioner out of a cooler

This is a project that anyone can accomplish with a little desire of creating things. You will need just a few household items, and a few tools. Here’s how you can transform a cooler into an air conditioner.

Tools and materials

The first thing you’ll need is, of course, the cooler. The best one for using in your project is a 5 or 10 gallon one, that is also insulated. It has to be functional.

You will also need a fan. This doesn’t have to be one that needs to be fixed on the cooler. You can use any ground fan or oscillating fan, depending on the case.

Also, you will need ice, lot of ice. Blocks are great as they melt slower and will need to be replaced less often. You can also use bags of ice. Always have extra ice in the freezer in case of a heat spell.


Now you can start the project. Make 6 holes in your cooler, at 5 inches one from another, on the top of the cooler. The cold air will escape from these holes.


Now try and fit as much ice as you can in your cooler. The amount shouldn’t be too large if you plan for using the unit for a little while. Also you can use less ice if the air isn’t too warm.

Setting up the unit

Place the cooler on the desired spot. Use some plastic pan or bag to prevent water from dripping on your furniture or on the ground. The fan needs to be positioned behind the cooler.

These homemade units are great only for short term use. If you have heat problems, then you should consider purchasing an air conditioner unit.

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