How to use a remote for an air conditioner unit

Air conditioner units are great for every home, especially in summer times. Those hot days are finally over. Now you can cool the air and also reduce the humidity.

Purchasing air conditioner units

The most important thing about air conditioner units it’s their size. It must be big enough for the room but also it shouldn’t be too big. Small units will work too hard and they will use too much energy, and bigger units will cool the air too much, and may cause medical problems.

Measure the square footage of the room and then calculate the size of the air conditioner unit. They are measured in BTU, meaning the volume of air that can be replaced by the machine. 5.000 BTUs are enough for a room of 150 square feet.

Window location

You should choose a window that is in direct line of sight. This is because remote controls don’t usually work over corners. After all, why use a remote when you have to stand up.

Sealing the window

Loss of energy is a big issue with air conditioner units. They will do their work in vain if heat can get in and cold air can escape outside. This is why it’s very important to seal the window where the venting hose will be installed.

Installing the air conditioner

Follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer when trying to install the unit. Use the hardware supplied.

Configuring the remote control

The great thing is that you can configure a universal remote control for all your air conditioner units. This means that you can control all of them at once.

Using plug-in remote

If your air conditioner unit is a little older and doesn’t have a remote control, but you still want to use one, then you should buy a special auxiliary plug. The air conditioner needs to be plugged in this unit and then into the power outlet. This way you can easily power it off or on with the push of a button.

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