Increase air conditioning efficiency

Efficiency not only relates to the energy consumption but also to adjusting and achieving the right temperature for your house. Here are some tips that may help you maximize the efficiency of your air conditioner.

Temperature settings

The best way to use your air conditioner is to use it to make the temperature comfortable not very low.

You should always set up a temperature that is neither too low and neither too high, but just right to make you feel good. If you will set a lower temperature you will feel cold and also the air conditioner will work hard to maintain that temperature, and thus it will use more energy.


Air filters should be checked once a month and also replaced as many times as needed. They will ensure that your air is dust-free and also that allergens don’t enter your home.

Regular maintenance

Used air conditioners should be checked at least four times a year. One of the first things that you need to check is the level of the gas coolant. Less coolant means that the unit will work harder to maintain the same temperature.

Open doors and windows

When the temperature outside is lower, just open the windows and let the fresh air come from outside, especially in the evenings.

Ducted air conditioning

If you have ducted air conditioning in your house, then you should close the ducts in the rooms that you are not using. For example, in the daytime, if you don’t use your bathroom, just close the ducts. This will cut some costs with electricity.


Always use a thermostat. Don’t let the system work when you are not at home. Just turn the temperature up and the air conditioning system will not work while you’re not at home. You can also program the thermostat to start at some specified hours and then when you’ll get home you’ll find the temperature very comfortable.

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