Installation tips for an air conditioning unit

Every air conditioning system has to be properly installed by a creditable company or contractor. The type of the air conditioning system you will need in your home depends on your specific needs.

You want to make sure that your money is well spend, taking into consideration that the electric bills are usually the biggest expense in a house.

The more careful you are with the installation of both the condensing unit and the air handler, the more you increase the system’s longevity, and that can help you save money year after year.

In case of commercial air conditioners, it’s recommended that you get a referral of specialized company or contractor; try to find one that has done the operation on a similar building so that they have the necessary experience regarding the complexity of the building and it’s layout.

Usually, after the system has been installed, you should schedule an annual maintenance. This doesn’t mean you don’t have to do your share of work, consisting in changing the filters, cleaning the duct work, etc. Keeping a tight maintenance schedule can make the difference in how your overall air conditioning systems runs and how much money will you spend on the replacement parts.

Because the system can both heat and cool the air, they are called HVACR systems. The technicians are called HVACR technicians. Their job is to install and also maintain and repair these units. Often they’ll specialize in one of them, even though they are trained to do both.

Once they install the air conditioning and heating systems, they’ll arrange the fuel and water supply lines, the duct work and others, plug-in all the wires and then test it.

If the building is not finished the company that does the installation will need to see the blueprints to determine what they have to take into account. The company also needs to know where you want the thermostats to be and install enough of them so that everyone at any floor can adjust the temperature to their needs. Once the installation is finished, the technicians will inspect the system to make sure there are no leaks and that the unit meets the highest HVAC standards.

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