Installing a window AC unit away from window

Sometimes it may happen to own a window air conditioner and don’t have the space necessary to install it. What can be done in this situation. Well, you could make a hole in the wall for the vent, but this may not be very practical.

The best alternative is to create a wall vent for a portable AC unit that has a flexible exhaust pipe.

Tools and materials:

  • Stud finder
  • Jigsaw
  • Silicone putty caulk, caulking gun
  • Power drill
  • Portable air conditioner unit, vertical case mounted on wheels
  • Wall vent and exhaust duct, 4 inches in diameter
  • Foil-textured duct tape to connect duct to vent
  • 1-inch screws, stainless steel

First of all, choose the location for your portable air conditioner. Install it near an electricity outlet. Choose a spot that has no wires and no pipes installed.

Hole for the exhaust pipe

Now use a jigsaw and cut a hole of around 4 inches in diameter through the layers installed: insulation, drywall, brick.

Wall exhaust vent

Use the silicone putty and coat the end of the vent that will be installed inside the house. Push the vent from the outside into the hole. Use 1 inch screws to secure the wall vent.

Exhaust duct

Fit the exhaust duct into the wall vent inside the house. Then secure it to the inside wall and to the vent with some duct tape. The seal must be airtight. This will increase efficiency and also reduce noise.

Connecting pipes

Extend the flexible pipe so that it fits into the wall exhaust duct. Use the duct tape to secure it.


Plug in the portable air conditioner and then turn it on. Set the temperature and wait and see if the unit cools the air properly.

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