Installing air conditioning controllers

If you are having a new air conditioning system installed, you may be wondering where to install the air conditioner controllers. Here are a few tips on air conditioning controllers.

The first questions is: should you have one or more controllers installed? Well it’s best to have more than one controller if you have a two storey house.

This will help you check the temperature without you going upstairs all the time.

You can have one controller installed in your bedroom and one in your living room. This will enable you to control the temperature during the day and also when you go to sleep. If these rooms are at the same level, you should have another controller installed on the other level.

Even if you have a single story house, it’s best to have two controllers installed. It will cost you less if you do this at the time of installation. You can save a couple of hundred dollars.

Now, the best place to install the controlled is near the light switch, or at the same height. The problem is that you will need to place them on an exterior wall to have better wire access. But this problem can be resolved by an electrician. Call one and ask him about his opinion.

Now you should have no problems placing the main air conditioning controllers in the right place. Install them in an inconspicuous location and always call an electrician.

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