Noisy air conditioner

Air conditioners are great home additions. They can be used to cool the air in different rooms and are also great for dehumidifying the air and also freshening it. Sometimes, these units can be very noisy, especially if they are wall mounted.

Check for foreign objects

The first thing you should do when you see that the air conditioner has started making noises is to check for objects that might have fallen into the system. Window air conditioner are greatly exposed to such things, as debris and dust and even small animals can enter the system. To solve this problem, turn off the unit and then remove the grill. Use a torch to see the objects and remove them.

Fan blades

Another cause for noisy air conditioner units is the fan blades. These can get damaged (bent or chipped) and may cause vibrations because they are not properly aligned.


Most of the times, air conditioner units are not installed properly and because of this, movable parts from inside it can vibrate when working. This can make a lot of noise and can also damage these parts. Touch the unit and if it vibrates, then call the people that have installed it.

Front grille

Front grills can also make noise when the unit is on, because of the vibrations. This is because the locking system of the grille can get damaged. The repeated removal for cleaning the filters can cause the locker to be defective. Remove the grille and see if the noise still persists. If it doesn’t, the locking system may be the faulty part.


Loud persistent noises can also be cause from the lack of lubrication of the fan motor. To avoid any damage to the motor, turn off the unit. Call the person that installed the AC and tell him about the problem. It’s better that you don’t do it by yourself.

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