Noisy window air conditioners

In time, window air conditioners tend to get very noisy. The problem can be fixed. There is no need to endure it.

Here are a few tips on how to get rid of this problem.

Because of the constant noise you can have hearing problems, that in time can be severe and result in hearing loss.

The noise is the cause of improper maintenance and running. So with a little attention, you can make the unit more silent.

So what makes the noise? Most of the times the air conditioner housing is what does that awful noise, and not the air conditioner itself.

So there are a few things that you can check. Look at the outside brackets and see if they are bent or vibrating. If they are, you will need to tighten them or replace them. If they are still vibrating after the repair, you will need to use some foam or silicone for insulation.

Also look for loose screws inside your room. Unplug the unit before you do any repairs. Never attempt to open the panel and repair the unit by yourself, especially if you have no experience. Always call a professional.

Another cause for the noise can be the refrigerant and for this one you should also call a professional.

The easiest way to see what are the parts that are making the noise is to push them or hold them while the unit is working. If it’s a problem inside the unit, then call a professional.

Proper maintenance will always ensure that the system stays quiet and effective. Clean the filters and limit the strain placed on the unit. Have the unit checked by a professional once a year.

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