Portable air conditioner unit

Air conditioner units have become a must have in every home and office. The perfect choice for every small house or room is a portable air conditioner. They are more efficient than standard air conditioners and use less energy on small spaces.

Advantages of portable air conditioners

  • the main advantage is their portability. You can move the unit from one room to another without any effort.
  • they are easier to maintain than wall-mounted air conditioners or window ones.
  • they are small and can be fitted in any space.
  • they are also easy to install. Just put them in a corner and plug them in. You don’t need to cut holes in the walls.
  • these units are great for removing odors from kitchens and from room with devices that generate heat. They are great for chemical labs and clinics, also computer centers.
  • also, because they have low energy consume, they are great for supplementing central cooling systems.

The way portable air conditioners work

The air conditioner unit sucks the air in the room and cools it. Then it blows it back in the room. The excess heat is evacuated through a window exhaust. Also these units are great air dehumidifiers. The excess humidity is collected in a drip tray.

Buying a portable air conditioner

Portable air conditioners are not very complicated devices. Almost any type is great for your home. It depends on the size needed and on the energy efficiency.

Proper usage of air conditioner units

  • the unit needs a good ventilation. This means that the unit needs the venting kit installed properly on a window or through the wall.
  • air conditioners use high amounts of energy over time and it’s best that the electrical system is good. Avoid using extension cords as they can get overloaded and catch on fire.
  • water trays, filters and hoses are very important parts of the system. Always make sure that the dripping tray is empty. Also filters need a little maintenance once in a while and also replacement. There are two types of filters: carbon and simple air filter. Concerning hoses, make sure to follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

Always make sure that the air conditioner unit is big enough for your room. Unless you buy the right size, your energy costs will still rise.

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