Portable air conditioning units

Portable air conditioners are most of the time the solution to your needs. They are easy to move around, allowing you to move them from one room to another. They are a great solution when you do not have the possibility of installing a central air conditioner or a split AC unit.

Portable air conditioners offer the necessary capacity for cooling and heating a medium sized room. They can be found in different sizes.

Because maintenance is not an issue, they are great for those who have allergies. The filters are easy to replace. They must not be confused with portable air coolers. Air coolers use water and evaporation to cool the air, as the evaporative swamp cooler also does. The portable air conditioner uses Freon to cool the air. The system keeps the humidity level lower than in the case of air coolers.

They are more expensive than air coolers, but they are more powerful, giving the feel of a central air conditioner, with the advantage of easy maintenance. You don’t need to do any maintenance besides changing the air filters once a month.

They can be found in a wide range of sizes, from 29″ to 36″ and can weigh up to 85 pounds. The price ranges from $300 to $700.

Portable air conditioners are great for those who stay with rent, and do not have a stable home. It’s also a great way to cool smaller apartments with fewer costs. They also do not need much maintenance, making them perfect for those that do not have time for cleaning and check-ups.

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