Reducing air conditioner running costs

Poorly maintained and used air conditioners will always be costly to run. If you want to start saving some money on energy, then you should follow the next tips.

Fan only

The component that uses the most energy is the outdoor compressor.

If the weather isn’t that hot, then you should run the fan instead of using the cooling mode. This will help you keep cool on mild days and also save energy.

Outside air

One thing that you can do is to open the door and windows of your home in the evening. You may have noticed that after a hot day, your home is warmer than the air outside, in the afternoon. By opening the windows you allow the air outside cool the air inside. This won’t assure cooler temperatures, but even if the temperature drops a couple of degrees, this will still help the air conditioner work less.


The filter is one of the most important components of the air conditioning system. All the air passes through the filter. If it’s dirty and blocked, it will reduce the air flow, thus making the air conditioner work more to sustain a certain temperature. This will increase running costs and it may also result in it breaking down. Cleaning the filter is very important. You should check to see if it needs cleaning once a month. This will ensure that the system works more efficient.

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