Repair air conditioner with cooling problem

Most of the causes for air conditioners cooling problems are power losses and also dust. When you see that there is a problem with your air conditioning unit, don’t run directly to a repair shop. Try and solve the problem by your self and save some money.

Here are some tips.


First of all you will need to remove the unit’s front grill. Most of the times, there are only a few clips that hold the grill, so you can use a knife or a screwdriver. Also, unplug the air conditioner from any power source. Remove it from the wall/window and then put it on a strong table.

Cleaning the filter

Find the place where the air filter is placed and then remove it. Clean it if it’s reusable or replace it otherwise. For reusable filters use some soapy water.

Removing molds

Molds can easily be removed with some soapy water and some bleach solution. Molds can make the air conditioner work inefficient. Let the components dry.


Evaporator coils are quite hard to clean, but if you have a vacuum cleaner with a brush end, it will be very easy. Remove the dust and derbris from the fan blades and from the inside of the unit too.

Bent parts

Check for bend components, like twisted coils. For coil fins buy a special comb. Move it up and down and straighten them.


After all components have been cleaned and dried, it’s time to mount them back on the unit. Don’t forget to put the filter back. Mount the air conditioner on the wall/window and then plug it in n outlet. Test it.

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