Repairing air conditioner leak

Leaks are the most common problem for air conditioner units. When you use your air conditioner unit, wear and tear can appear and damage the hoses. Save some money and do the repairs by yourself.

Evaporation Pans

At the bottom of every AC unit it should be an evaporation pan. Most of the times this is the problem for the leak. The pan is slanted upwards and it doesn’t retain the water. It drips before it evaporates. Fix the pan by tilting it in a straight position.

Leveling the air conditioner

Improper leveling of the air conditioner unit can also be the problem for leaks. Get a leveling ruler and see if the unit is leveled. It should be perfectly fixed so that the water doesn’t drip from the machine.

If the units tends to move from it’s fixture, then you should install some shims to hold it in place. Also make sure that the shims are leveled and properly fixed.

Now the leak should be fixed.

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