Spot leaks in your air conditioning system

There isn’t an air conditioner model that doesn’t have a condenser coil. This produces water from the difference of temperature. This water usually drains in some special pans.

The problem is that sometimes, debris get into these pans and thus clogging the drain lines. This leads to leaks. Here’s how you can find any leaks in your air conditioning system.

Checking the drain pan

To have access to the drain pan you need to open the cooling coil cabinet. See if the pan is flooded. If it is, then it’s a sign that the system is clogged.

Cleaning the drain pipes

Bleach and water usually solve the problem with clogged pipes. If this isn’t a solution, then use a pump to remove any objects blocked in the drain pipes.

Water stains

Leaks can be easily spotted before they become a real problem. Just look for water stains around the AC unit. If there are any, than start doing a check-up of the unit.

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