Steps to install a window air conditioner in a vertical sliding window

We have all noticed that during summer the temperatures have become more and more unbearable.  You can cool the air in your house and feel more comfortable with the help of a vertical window air conditioner. Besides the fact that it is cheaper than a central air system, it is very easy to install it.

For better results, use your window air conditioner to cool the air only in one or two rooms in the house.


  1. Choose a window in your house to install your air conditioner; take care to remove any furniture in front of the window. It is also recommended to have an electrical outlet near the window where you want to install your unit.
  2. Remove your windowsill if damaged and install a new one otherwise it won’t sustain the weight of your air conditioner.
  3. The first thing you need to do is to open the window. Take the support bracket that you find in the air conditioner package and install it according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Take care to screw it in safely and correctly using a level.
  4. Take the air conditioner and put it inside the metallic bracket. Be careful because the unit is not easy at all.
  5. Slide the window closed and see if it fits correctly. Mark the place where the window touches the air conditioner unit and open the window again. Use special foam and spray it along the mark you have made. If there is any discordance between the window frame and the air conditioner unit, try to fix it up. There are cases when the side prolongations of an air conditioner unit have to be screwed in the wall.
  6. In order to be sure that your air conditioner can’t escape from inside the house, apply some calk around the window.
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