Steps to replenish window air conditioner

After you have used your windows air conditioner for a long time, you will see that it may produce warm air or less cool air than necessary. Usually, the cause is the low refrigerant. Instead of replacing the whole system you should buy only a new refrigerant set from a specialized store and recharge your unit.

This way you will save a lot of money and you will be able to keep your existing air conditioner for a long time. You can recharge your window air conditioner several times if necessary. Just follow some simple steps:

  1. Take the air conditioner off the window and put it on the floor. Take care not to damage the floor; put an old cloth under the unit.
  2. To get to the compressor, first take off all the screws to be able to remove the black metal box. Slowly detach it and put it down. The compressor is a metallic tube with some pipes attached to it.
  3. The compressor has two pipes. The bigger one will help you replenish your air conditioner.
  4. Connect the bigger valve in the new refrigerant set with the big pipe of the compressor.
  5. Connect the smaller valve in the new refrigerant set with the small pipe in the compressor.
  6. Start your air conditioner and let it work to its maximum capacity.
  7. When the can of the refrigerant is empty you can detach all the valves and put back the metal box to protect your unit. If recharging is needed, do this action again.
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