The history of air conditioners

Air conditioners are devices that help you dehumidify and cool the air in your home. They are also known as HVAC devices, which stands for heating, ventilation and air conditioning. If you were curious how the first air cooling devices have appeared, then read the following lines.

Rome aqueducts – Although air conditioners are a modern invention, the idea of cooling a room or a structure isn’t new at all. Romans are believed to have used water to cool the walls of their homes.

Early industry applications – The first air conditioning systems that appeared were those for commercial and industrial applications, made specifically to cool the production machinery. It was still a big step towards home production.

The ’50s – The first time air conditioners started appearing in homes was in the ’50s. They then have become very popular and affordable and they saw a rapid increase in sales.

Car air conditioning – When they first appeared, air conditioning systems were large and inefficient. Only in the ’80s the have become more compliant for cars. They have become smaller, more affordable and efficient.

Modern air conditioners – Nowadays air conditioners are more than popular. They can be found in any home and building, whether they be commercial, industrial or residential. The new systems are very efficient, convenient and small. The technology still continues to develop and the systems are getting more powerful and cheaper to run.

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