The importance of attic ventilation

Roof vents are most of the times overlooked when it comes to saving money on energy. Most users do not know that the hottest part of their homes is the attic. So more than 70% of the heat in your home is lost through the ceiling/attic (if it isn’t insulated).

Also having the attic unventilated will cause heat to build up and raise the temperature in your home, making your air conditioner to work harder in the summer time.

So keeping a constant low temperature in your attic is very important. Install roof vents to move the hot air out and replace it with much cooler air. Running some electric lines to power the vents in your attic is not hard. You can also install solar-powered roof vents. A roof ridge vent is the best way to ventilate your attic, but this has to be built with the house.

The attic can be ventilated through eave vents. These can be cut in the eaves and then covered with a screen.

Consider the size of the attic when buying vents. Calculate the amount of air that will be needed to optimize the temperature. Good ventilation will also help maintain the level of humidity, prolonging the life of your attic by preventing mold and mildew formations.

Don’t be cheap when it comes to attic ventilation. You will spend some money but you will save a lot more from energy bills and from prevented repairs.

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