Timer air conditioner

There is nothing more pleasant than having an air conditioner unit to cool the air in a warm summer day. There are many types of air conditioner units, like window air conditioner, portable units etc..

These units not only cool the air but also keep the air pure by filtering out the impurities.

One options that helps you save some money on energy is the timer option. This will help you control the time when to start or stop the air conditioner unit. Not only that you will save money but you can program the timer to start the unit an hour before you get home.

Purchasing the timer

There are many types of timer, from simple one, to more elaborate ones that allow you to even set the temperature. This depends only on your budget and likings, but you should think about its durability and its resistance to the wattage. If the air conditioner unit is large then you should buy a durable timer.

Installing the timer

Most of the timers found on the market are simple ones that don’t require any special installation. You just need to plug-in the air conditioner into the timer and the the timer into the outlet. The main disadvantage is that they tend to break easily. Another type of timer can connect to the unit’s main panel through some wiring.

Setting the timer

Simple timers have two options, an hour to turn on and one to turn off. Think about the time that you will be gone from home. Set the timer to start the air conditioner half an hour before you get home.

Off days

When you go on holiday, don’t forget to stop the timer. You won’t need the air cool when you’re not at home. Save money on energy by turning the timer off. More complicated timer allow you to program the time even when you’re on holiday.

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