Tips on choosing the right commercial air conditioner

Air conditioning systems are important in household, but are absolutely vital in most commercial buildings. Office buildings, stores, schools, factories, and more, all require air conditioning systems. They are needed to accommodate a large number of people.


Of course that air conditioning systems for industrial buildings will need to be a lot bigger than the household systems. Commercial buildings are full of people each day and also the machinery in each room will increase the temperature. So calculate the needed size considering how many people are present in the building each day.

Evaporative coolers

Evaporative coolers are great for factories and commercial buildings. These devices can cool large areas with reduced costs. They are mainly used in car factories. They are far better than reverse cycle air conditioning systems because most factories need to have opened doors and windows all the time and with the reverse cycle system most of the energy would be wasted. But with the evaporative coolers energy will not be wasted.

Heat sources

Almost every office machine will add heat to a commercial space. This means more power to cool down that area. This is why you should buy an air conditioner that is capable of cooling the area with all the devices.


Having a constant pleasant air temperature in a commercial area helps the workers to be more productive. The fresh air also makes them feel better and more full of life.

Temperature settings

It’s important to have temperature control systems or separate systems for each side of the office. This will ensure all sides of the office are happy with the temperature.

Service plan

Because commercial air conditioners are often run 24/7, they will need more maintenance and repairs than household units. Also, commercial air conditioners also have shorter warranties. Because of this, ask the company that provided the systems to include a maintenance or service plan. This will assure regular maintenance and will keep the units running better.

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