Tips on how to buy a central air conditioner

It’s very important to know which type and size of air conditioner to buy. For example evaporative coolers are great for hot and arid regions, while compressor-driven air conditioner are great for temperate regions.

If the air conditioner is smaller than it should be then it will use more energy to cool the air, and too large it will fail in establishing the right humidity.

Also improper installation will decrease the efficiency.

The rating for central air conditioning units is SEER and it should be above the value of 12.0.

If you already have a central air heating system, you may be able to install an air conditioning system to that heating system. Ask a local contractor about this possibility.

You can find on the market air conditioner units that have a fan option. This means that you can use only the fan without the air conditioning. This will reduce the costs in cooler days. Also, an important feature is that of a filter check light. This will remind you when to change the filter.

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