Types of air conditioners

There are many different types of air conditioners and it can prove to be difficult to choose one that best suits your needs. To do this you will need to know a few things about each type of air conditioning unit and see which one is proper for your home.

Window air conditioner

They are mainly used in apartments, motels and other small accommodations.

Their main disadvantage is that they cannot cool more than one room. They are easy to install and they can also be found at small prices. You can buy units only for cooling or for cooling and heating both. One small problem is that these units are a little noisy.

Split air conditioner

They can also be found in cooling only or cooling and heating models. They are made out of two main parts, the condenser and the blower. Like the window units, they can also cool the air only in one room. They are more expensive but they provide more power and are a lot more silent than window units. They can be found in more stylish designs and many known brands build them.

Evaporative coolers

If you want a great cheap way to cool your entire home, then you should choose the evaporative cooler. The system uses a sheet of water to cool the air. Then the air is blown to the entire home. They are mainly used in factories and commercial places because they are cheap to install and they have low maintenance and running costs. Their main disadvantages are that they will not work in humid weather and that they cannot provide heat.

Reverse cycle air conditioners

These systems can provide both heat and cool to your home. Usually the system is quite large and it can cool half of your house at once. It depends on the size of the house. It’s almost impossible for it to cover an entire house. The system is very reliable. It can work all year round. Their main disadvantages are that they can be quite expensive and they are costly to run.

Portable air conditioners

There are many advantages of using portable air conditioners. They are very cheap and affordable, but they can be costly to run and they are not as powerful as the other types of air conditioners.

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