What to consider when buying a packaged terminal AC

Packaged terminal air conditioner are usually found in hotels and apartment buildings, and are designed for single rooms. Here are some advantages and some disadvantages of packaged terminal AC units.


The first thing that you need to have in mind is the size for the AC unit.

It needs to be big enough to cool or heat the air, but not too big. One of the advantages for installing these kind of air conditioners is that you can set different temperatures in different rooms. Another advantage is related to the electricity bill as you can make a lot of savings. You can turn on the AC in just one room, while the others stay the same, and thus saving money with electricity, not like in the case of a central heating system. It’s worth investing in a multiple packaged terminal air conditioners as you will save money in the long term.

Cost effective

Another advantage for packaged terminal air conditioners is that they are easier to install and also cheaper then central air conditioning systems. Also the space required for the installation is much smaller unlike the central system. For different temperatures in different areas, packaged terminal air conditioners are the best choice. The only cheaper system for single rooms is that of a windows mounted air conditioner. The thing is that they only work effectively on small areas.

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