Window air conditioner

For small rooms is better that you have a small window air conditioner unit than a normal one. These units are great for warm days and for small apartments. They are very easy to install.

Purchasing the right unit

First of all you need to find the right size needed for your room. If the unit it’s too small it will work more than it should and it will use more energy and also it will have problems in cooling the air. If it’s too big, it will cool the air too much and may cause medical problems.

You can determine the size of the needed unit by measuring the room. Calculate the square footage. You will need an unit with 5.000 BTU for a room or area with a square footage of 150. Also consider the sun that gets in the room.

Sealing the window

One problems with these kind of units is that they need the window sealed. This is because the cool air will escape and make the unit less efficient. Just use some foam insulation and you will start saving some money.

The temperature

Sometimes you will feel that the temperature in the room has risen. Well, maybe you’re doing some strenuous activities or maybe the sun is warming the room. You shouldn’t change the temperature on the air conditioner. Keep it constant and this way the air will keep its humidity and also it will circulate better.

Leaving the air conditioner running

Humidity is one of the problems with high temperatures. If you will leave the air conditioner running during the time you are not at home, you will keep the humidity level constant and also you will enjoy a cool room when you get home.


Always remove the air conditioner when the summer days are over, especially in the winter. Cold and freezing temperatures can damage the unit.

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