Antimicrobials and aquaculture

A frequent topic that revolves around aquaculture is that of antimicrobials. Antimicrobials are known for the fact that they eliminate bacteria, fungi or algae. Those antibiotics are employed in aquaculture in order to prevent and treat certain disease outbreaks.

What you need to know about this technique before using it, is that it has several disadvantages you need to learn about.

One of the disadvantages is the fact that regular use can lead to the immunity of a certain bacteria in the face of antibiotics. Furthermore, there are some antibiotics that can interfere with human reaction in front of a disease. This means that if you eat a fish that was treated with antibiotics, you risk becoming immune. This means that antibiotics combined with aquaculture can cause more damage.

Copper alloys are the most popular materials used in aquaculture. Its main characteristics are strength and price. It is easy to achieve and it does not cost too much compared to what you get in return. One of the disadvantages of this material is the fact that it has antimicrobial properties. In a marine environment it can cause increased development of certain bacteria and fungi that can ruin the balance of natural habitat.

Methylene blue is the item used for treating fungal infections. Usually, farmers use it to protect new fish and fish eggs in front of the harmful effect of bacteria or fungus. It can do wonders in keeping the fish safe, but it can alter their natural development which can cause damages in the human immunity system.

In order to clean the water and prepare it for the new fish farm, most users place ozone in it. This was not proved to be extremely harmful, but it definitely alters the natural habitat in the area in which it is used.

One of the substances banned from aquaculture, is the one called malachite green. This can increase toxicity and cause in humans certain diseases. Adding up, the chloramphenicol is also harmful and not approved and it was usually used in shrimp populations. Anyway, the floroquinolones remains the most popular banned substance due to the fact that it is prone to make the human body immune to almost all antibiotics available on the market. In some regions around the world some of the banned substances are still used, which is the reason why consumers should buy fish from trusted places.

Anyway, for those that want to practice aquaculture keeping things safe is a must. It is a way of maintaining everything healthy and legal. By protecting the environment you will be able to protect your own fish population. There is no need to put the natural habitat in danger when you can simply make a good practice out of aquaculture.

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