Pond Aeration

When it comes to a still pond, you should probably know that a still water only makes gas exchanges at the surface. Furthermore, for this type of pond you will be able to grow only a small amount of fish. The rule about a pond is that it has the need to absorb oxygen and to release hydrogen.

Both are crucial if you want to establish a healthy and good looking pond.

Keep in mind that  the bottom of your pond achieves a small amount of oxygen which can cause an increased level of hydrogen sulfide. This gas is responsible for the birth of anaerobic bacteria. This accumulation at the bottom of your water will only cause the appearance of green water ( it feeds algae) and certain diseases to your seaweed and fish species.

The solution here is to set up a small waterfall or to provide the means for the water to recirculate. This will allow the entire pond to receive the proper amount of oxygen and it will certainly decrease the appearance of anaerobic bacteria.

Your goal is to offer the best qualitative water. It is recommended that during summer to make the water circulate in order to bring the one on the bottom to the surface and back. By getting oxygen all around your pond, you will encourage the birth of aerobic bacteria. This is responsible for eliminating any kind of organic bacteria. Also, odd smells will be diminished and green water will have fewer chances to appear.

Another issue that deals with oxygen is the amount of plants you place on the bottom of your pond. The greater the number, the less oxygen you will get there. So, a waterfall seems to do the job. Anyway, an increased number of plants will only help with oxygen levels during the day. When the night comes, the carbon dioxide produced will be higher which will cause a change in the water quality.

You should consider temperature too. If the water is too hot, the oxygen will be less. So, keep an eye on the temperature and keep it as low as possible. Observe your fish because they can give you hints about your water quality and aeration. If they are usually seen at the surface gulping for air, this means that at the bottom there is not enough oxygen. Improving air circulation is a must.

Bottom line, if a waterfall or fountain does not do the job for your pond, you may want to consider installing an aeration pump. Avoiding the appearance of the green water can be easily done by providing the proper amount of oxygen in the water.

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