What is kelp?

Have you heard about kelp and its benefits? No? Well, here are some basics about this interesting seaweed that can help you with your gardening.

Mainly, kelp is a seaweed that can be found underwater and enjoys cold temperatures. It comes in different shapes and size, so it can end up being a bit bushy.

 From ancient times, kelp has been used in agriculture due to the fact that it increases the plant`s growth and quality.

One of the most important strains of kelp that can turn out benefic for aquaculture is represented by the one called Ascophyllum Nodosum. This is gathered directly from its natural habitat and washed with fresh water. This kelp is washed in order to clean the residues of salt that brings with it. Furthermore, it is allowed to dry and powdered.

You may wonder why this seaweed is so important. Here is the answer: it was scientifically proved that kelp has various amounts of minerals, growth hormones, vitamins, enzymes and proteins. For a plant that goes through the growing process, this represents an oasis. So, kelp is responsible for increasing the growth rate in a plant, for determining the plant to harmoniously bloom, for protecting the plant against diseases and bacteria or other external pests.

First of all you need to understand of kelp works. A substance known as carbohydrate mannitol is responsible for determining the nutrients to exist. From here resides a crucial problem for agriculture: determining the growing plant to take the nutrients offered by kelp. This is the reason why using aquaculture has become so important. By placing kelp in the fish tank you end up enriching the water with the benefic elements for a plant. This means that you will end up with a healthy crop that is full of vitamins and resistant in front of external factors.

This means that if you make use of kelp on regular basis you will benefit from healthier plants that have an increased growth rate. Furthermore, you can use kelp without actually harvesting it: in your fish tank. There are certain concentrated solutions that contain kelp and can be pulverized on your plants. The beauty of the spray is the fact that you can apply it where you consider it is needed. As an example, if you notice poor roots on your plants, you can spray some kelp concentrate on it.

Anyway, remember the fact that there are various strains of kelp. Some tend to grow vastly and can overwhelm your fish tank. Opt for a variation that stays small. But if you do not want to place it with your wish, you can buy a concentrate to pulverize over your crops as an alternative. Although, the best way of feeding nutrients to your plants remains the actual presence of kelp. In other words, kelp will improve the entire health of your crops, will determine proper root growth and will provide your crops will all the nutrients needed for a harmonious growth. Do not forget that pests and diseases tend to disappear from those plants that feed with kelp nutrients.