What is Shelfponics?

Do you want to explore the field of aquaculture? Do you want to set up a unique system? Shelfponics is the best design for you. The principle used is that of vertical growing and it is a perfect system for small spaces. Also, it brings beauty to your garden and it can be placed either outside or inside, depends on your preferences.

The beauty about this design is the fact that you can recycle an already existing bookshelf. It must have at least 4 shelves, which is the recommended height. This is due to the fact that you will want to have easy access to your crops. Other materials you will use for this system are flexible pipes, growing media, a pump and a timer, a fish barrel, irrigation tubing and some wood.

How to assemble the shelfponics

First of all, you will want to secure the bottom of your bookshelf. You can do that by using a piece of wood. This will provide the stability required for a safe system. Furthermore, on this shelf from the base you will install the fish tank or aquarium.

Keep in mind that you will probably have to use a tools bookshelf because those are a bit deeper than the regular ones. Place them upside down on top of the first shelf. This will offer you the space needed for placing growing media. Make sure all the shelves are secured.

Install the tank on the lower shelf and place inside it the pump. From there start setting up the tubing required. Secure it on the side of your bookshelf and keep in mind that is meant to allow good water flow.

In each shelf make a hole and place a flexible tube. This will allow the water to flow freely from the top shelf to the bottom and back to the tank. At this stage it Is recommended to make some tests and observe how the water goes from one tube to another. This will prevent further failures of your system. Also, set up the timer and check it up to see if the pump works as scheduled.

From here on you will have to dress the shelves. Place growing media in each one. Fill the tank with water and allow it to function for a day. If everything goes as it is supposed to, you can put the fish into the tank and start planting seeds.

Bottom line, shelfponics is a system designed to suit everyone’s needs. It is perfect for newcomers in the field and it can easily be assembled. It represents the perfect opportunity to recycle items that you no longer use. It is simple and it does not require too much time. So, get up and search for a fish tank or an aquarium and start working. Take some old shelves and reinvent them. The only expenses you will make are those for the pump and tubing. Keep in mind that you have to buy a good quality pump.

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