All about plumbing - part 1

First thing to take into account is that there are different types of pipes. As an example, the PVC pipe is the most common item found in different areas. It is the cheapest material you can use at this stage.

Furthermore, it is long lasting and easy to maneuver. Anyway, in some regions you can buy the UPVC pipe, but this is an expensive option, which for starters is not so proper.

Here are some ideas you should keep a close eye on, if you are planning to use a PVC pipe:

  1. Learn how the liquid flows

Placing some pipes around your system won`t do the job. You have to consider how the liquid will travel and how you can influence it by using several pipes. The flowing rate is an important factor. The bigger the pipe, the bigger the amount of water that will go through it. Choosing the right size is crucial. If you plan to build a small system, there is no need for you to use a big pipe. It will make the work harder and the water won`t be able to flow freely.

Gravity will fight against you, too. Usually, you will have to use a sort of pump in order to push the water upwards through a pipe. In this case you have to keep in mind the fact that you need to provide more force power. As an example, you can set up a fish barrel that is obviously taller than your grow beds. In this case you will have the gravity working for you. Redirecting the water towards the grow beds will be simple and easy.

  1. The pump

The heart of every aquaponic system is represented by the pump. For it, you should look for quality and not for the cheapest item. It is crucial for this to work properly. Buying a cheap one will only increase your chances of failing with the entire system.  A pump `s effectiveness is determined by its flow rate and head pressure. This means you will have to choose it depending on the size and design of your aquaponic system.

  1. The pipes

You will need two sets of pipes: one that will extract the water from the tank and place it over the grow beds and one that will drain it and redirected it back into the tank. Keep in mind that the pipes responsible for draining the grow beds are ought to be larger.

Maintenance is crucial for every pipe. Due to the fact that there might be debris in the water, you need to take care of each item. Cleaning regularly will diminish the risks of failure.

  1. The connectors

Here you get to choose between two connectors. Threaded connectors need to be screwed into each other, while slip connectors perfectly slip into their neighbor.

A bulkhead fitting is used for linking a pipe to a grow bed or a fish tank. They also have various sizes in order to fit every pipe you use.

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