Aquaponic tomatoes

Aquaponics represents a unique method of harvesting different crops . The goal here is to redirect through pipes the water present into a fish tank. The most popular crop is the tomato due to the fact that aquaponics is more than healthy for it.

So, if you are planning to grow tomatoes by using an aquaponic system, you will have to consider some factors.

The proper pH level for a happy tomato is placed between 6.8 and 5.8. This is the reason why you should measure the pH levels and make use of a pH stabilizer. If the water is good for your fish, it means it can be good for your crops too. It is easy to achieve and you can buy it from any store that is specialized in selling gardening tools.

The growing tank is crucial. This is due to the fact that it can carry on different elements potentially harmful for your crops. Furthermore, it can alter the pH levels of the water. You do not want to send back unhealthy water to your fish. It is recommended to not overcrowd the tank with growing media. Allow some space for the water to circulate.

You should keep a close eye on the roots of your crops. Before placing them into the hydroponic system, clean all the residues. Do it carefully because those are prone to breaking. After installing it in the growing media make sure it is secure. You do not want it to move around with the water.

Usually, tomatoes are prone to be attacked by eating bugs. You can prevent and get rid of them by mixing vinegar with water. Spray the mixture on your crops and the bugs will die. Remember the fact that this can alter the pH levels. So, it is recommended to recheck the pH after using the mixture.

Bottom line, if you carefully consider those tips, you will end up having some amazing aquaponic tomatoes. They are easy to set up and care of, which is the main reason why they are  so popular among gardeners. You will need a pH stabilizer, a pH testing tool, some growing media, seeds and vinegar for creating the mixture against pests.

This being said, you can go start planting your tomatoes. Keep an eye on them daily and take care of your fish. If the fish in the tank is happy, implicitly the crops will be happy too.

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