Aquaponics without the use of electricity

You probably noticed the fact that when someone talks about aquaponics, the term electricity pops-up. It is not a must and for those that are looking for a challenge, aquaponics can be done without using electricity. Here are some steps to follow in the process.

First step: it is recommended to install the fish tank under the grow beds. This will help you with the drainage because the water will flow directly into the fish tank.

Second step: install a pipe and make some holes in it. Connect this pipe with one that is placed in the fish tank. At this stage it is recommended to dress the grow bed too. Setting up an algae layer will help in the drainage process and will offer nutrients to your fish.

Third step: secure the pipe on the bottom of your fish tank and check to see if the levels of water inside the pipe coincide with those in the fish tank.

Fourth step: from here starts the fun part. Put your hand on the end of the suction pump in order to create a suction effect. Start removing the pipe from the water until the water starts to flow from the highest end of the pipe. Make sure that the water does not get down.

Fifth step: get rid of the pump and allow the water full of nutrients to fall on your grow beds. When the water managed to cover the entire bed, stop the process and allow it to drain.

Sixth step: allow the water to go through the algal bed. This will act as a filter. It is a natural way of purifying water due to the fact that the algae retain any kind of impurities including nutrients. This means that you will feed your fish a fresh amount of water.

Remember that experts recommend repeating this process three times a day. Furthermore, you should consider the fact that you will need around 15 minutes to safely complete the process. So, for the beauty of working without electricity, you will have to do some hard work.

aquaponics without electricity