Common problems in aquaponics

Knowing what goes wrong is the first step towards being successful in this field. For new comers an aquaponic system may seem tricky and hard to understand. Here are the most common problems you will face.

  1. Pump malfunctions

When it comes to the pump, you will see that when there is a problem it will simply stop. This means that it can be broken or something is stuck in it. In this case you will have to clean it in order to remove those impediments. Keep in mind that some damages cannot be fixed, so you will be forced to replace it.

  1. A change in the water levels

This is usually the first sign that your fish tank has been broken. Immediately check for cracks and leaks. Deal with this problem as soon as possible because it can end up damaging the entire system. Adding up, leaving this problem unsolved with lead to stressed fish population, which can cause diseases and even death.

  1. Changes in the water quality

When checking the nutrient levels, you are able to spot any anomalies that might appear. This will help you prevent certain unwanted outcomes. If the ammonia levels are irregular, this will lead to the stress of the fish. Shifting in those levels can be caused by the crowding of fish in a smaller tank or extra food fed to them. In this case you will have to remove the existent water and replace it with fresher one. It is a good idea to monitor pH and temperature at this stage. Also, readjusting the amount of food provided can turn out to be helpful.

  1. Fish gathering at the surface

The main cause of this is definitely the absence of proper oxygenation. Keep in mind that this leads to the death of fish due to the stress caused. Check to see if the air pump is working properly. If everything is working as it is supposed to, consider adding extra aeration methods. Also, cover the fish tank in order to avoid direct light to increase its temperature.

  1. Temperature issues

Keeping the right balance is easy to be done by controlling the temperature. Usually, you will have issues with the temperature levels when the summer comes. Due to the fact that the sunlight is present for a bigger period of time during the way, it can end up increasing the temperature inside your fish tank. So, place shading sources next to your fish tank in order to keep them happy. On the other hand, in winter you will have to use insulation.

  1. Plant issues

As it happens, plants get into trouble too. As an example, leaves get a different color, which means they are not getting sufficient nutrients. This can influence fruit production. In order to dress this problem you should check the quality of the water. Also, analyzing the roots will tell you if there are some diseases. Another example is that in which the nutrients are not distributed equally. Some plants tend to fight with other plants. This is the reason why you should make sure everyone gets watered.

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