Grapefruit seed extract and algae

As you seen in aquaponic ponds, algae gather up on any surface it can feed on. This happens in hydroponics too, when on the growing media appears the green substance. It can get various colors like green or red and it tend to damage the system by clogging on vital parts.

Basically, algae feed on the nutrients your plant was supposed to get. Furthermore, it makes use of all the oxygen available in your hydroponic system, which means everything, will fail. Your plant roots will end up dyeing due to the lack of nutrients and oxygen and the green algae will occupy the entire surface of the growing media.  Also, it will emit an intense stall smell, which will make the inner environment impossible to stand.

In ponds it is quite easy to deal with this infestation by installing a fountain or a small waterfall. But what shall you do in the case of a hydroponics system? First of all you will have to make sure the light does not reach the growing media. This is the first step towards killing the green thing. You can opt for covering your beds with a dry substrate, which will deprive the algae from the elements needed for further development. Anyway, the recommended action to take is that of removing your plants and cleaning every inch of the system. This will assure you that algae are gone from the equation.

Here is an idea of an organic substance that can fight algae. Grapefruit seed extract is known for its capacity of killing algae without damaging the plants. So, if you do not want to clean the system, you can opt for this solution. It represents a relatively new technique, but its efficacy was proven.

The grapefruit seed extract is known for its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. It purifies the growing surface without causing any damages to your roots or plants. You need to use small concentrations of this substance because it can turn out to be toxic. As an example, if used in an aquaponic system, the concentration levels in the solution can harm the fish and eventually kill them. This grapefruit seed solution is known for its capacity of destroying any kind of bacteria or fungal infestations.

So, if you are facing an algae outburst in your hydroponic system, here is a summary of what you can do. First of all, you have the possibility of opting for cleaning the entire system. This means a bit of hard work and the potential loss of your harvest. There is the second option that relies on the effect the grapefruit seed extract has on algae. Combine this with the lack of moisture and light on the growing surface and you might end victorious in this war. Algae are a natural outcome in any system that involves water. Its appearance depends on factors like nutrients, light, heat and improper usage of the system. So  if you want to prevent it, you will have to be extra careful on how you manage your hydroponic system

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