Harvesting your own seed stock

Aquaponics can turn out to be cost-saving. As an example, you can harvest your own seeds, which means you will not be forced to spend extra money. This is the best practice for aquaponics due to the fact that here the main purpose is represented by the plants.

So, if you are planning to opt for harvesting your own seeds, here is some important info.

First of all, you need to know the fact that it is recommended to get the seeds from older plants because in the other case you will end up with seeds unable to germinate. Also, get the seeds from multiple plants because it will assure you the future health of your plants.

There are two major categories of seeds: dry and wet seed pods. In the type of dry seed you will find lettuce, broccoli or other salad assortments. You should know that there are various seeds that can be picked up during the growing period. Also, there are some other that can only be achieved by the end of the plant`s growing cycle. Experts recommend that you store the stems into a paper bag no more than 5 days. Regularly shake the bag because this will allow the seeds to escape their home. After those days have passed, you can safely gather your seeds.

The wet seed category refers mainly to vegetables like cucumbers, peppers or tomatoes. In the case of those, you will see that the seeds grow inside the vegetable. The technique used here is quite easy: wait until the fruits are ready for harvesting and select a couple. Cut them and gather the seeds by using a spoon. From here the process gets a bit complicated due to the fact that you will have to gently wash the substance that is around the seeds. After cleaning them, you will have to leave them next to a heat source in order to completely dry.

So, by using those two methods you will be able to harvest your own seeds. From here on, you will have to learn how to store the seeds. Experts recommend that you use paper bags. Also, it is a good practice to perfectly close it in order to avoid the oxygen from getting inside. Place the bags in a cool place, a refrigerator being the smartest option. This will help you eliminate any moisture that can cause certain fungus to grow and alter them.

Bottom line, using aquaponics is more than rewarding. It allows you to make use of items that are already present in your household. And because it can be a cost-saving gardening technique, it allows you to be responsible of your seed stock. So, in order to become a master of seeds, you will have to make some research on crops and their seed type. This can give you a tremendous help in establishing when and how to harvest the seeds. Keep in mind the fact that seeds can be used within 2 or 3 growing seasons because after that period their quality will decrease.

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