How to select fish species

For an aquaponics system the most important element is represented by fish. Mainly, fish is in charge with providing the proper amount of nutrients for your plants. Some may say that it is hard to take care of fish, but in an aquaponic environment is a lot easier to do it than in the case of an aquarium.

Maybe the most challenging and important part of setting up an aquaponic system is the selection of fish. Usually, you get to do that depending on the area you live in. For those that set their system outside, there is also the need of choosing fish depending on the season. There are some fish species that do well in summer and some that can live throughout the winter. Also, you have the possibility to opt for fish that works well with any season and use it all around the year. But this is a limited choice and it is hard to get such variety. As an example, for winter the best choice may be Trout, which is suitable also for colder climates. For warm areas, the Barramundi fish can deal well with higher temperatures. The most popular choice for warm climates is still the Tilapia fish because it deals well with harsh weather and it is the easiest to achieve.

Factors to influence your choice

You just not go and buy some fish and start farming it. Firstly, you must consider several factors that can influence the proper development of your aquaponic system. If you are not planning to use the fish for food, you shouldn`t buy fish that is edible. You should analyze the market and see what species are available in your area. You may wonder why this is so important. The reason is that from time to time you will be forced to buy new fish stock and you will want to have it at hand.

The amount of fish

A problem that is recurrent in an aquaponic system is that of the amount of fish population you place in water. The rule goes as following: the greater your fish population, the higher the risks of your system to fail. Crowding fish will affect the quality of water, nutrients and their health.

This means that you should consider the place where you will put the fish. From here you can choose the number of fish and aquatic plants you will put in. Everything is about creating a balance. Balance comes with proper amount of oxygen, which is the most important thing for a healthy aquaponic system. This being said, keep a close eye on parameters, fish stock available in your area and consider whether or not you plan to use your fish for food. Those are important factors.

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