Safety measures for a healthy aquaponic system

As you already know, aquaponics is proud to be that system that makes use of the nutrients present in any water that comes from fish culture. It represents a mix between aquaculture and hydroponics. But there are some issues you should consider.

Food safety can turn out to be pretty poor due to the fact that the water recirculates from one place to another. It is an important topic regarding the food produced in an aquaponic environment because it can cause serious diseases to those that consume it.

Proper agricultural practices are meant to sustain and determine the production of healthy food. This represents a document that gathers various insights from expert farmers. It helps in deciding how to manage your garden. By making use of proper agricultural practices you will allow a smaller amount of your time to the gardening area. This is known all around world as GAP and it offers you some sort of credibility. It can be used if you are planning to sell your crops, but it also helps you in growing crops only for your family.

The crucial thing about any aquaponic system is the usage of beneficial bacteria. Knowing how the nitrogen cycle works is a step towards increasing your crops’ safety. The major risk comes from the fact that fish and animals in general produce other type of bacteria too. Known as zoonotic pathogens, they are a safety risk to humans. It can encourage the further development of E.coli, salmonella and other disease. If you want to diminish the risks of infesting your plants, you should learn and put in practice some of the following advices:

  1. Put accent on hygiene

Keep your hands clean. They represent the first transportation method a bacterium has. For those that have or want to start an aquaponic system, keeping their hands clean represents the way towards having fresh and healthy crops. Furthermore, by regularly making maintenance on the system and cleaning thoroughly everything, you avoid increasing the risks of the appearance of harmful bacteria.

Experts recommend washing your hands before harvesting your crops. Rinse them for a couple of seconds and dry by using a paper towel. After finishing collecting your crops, you should wash your hands again.

  1. Clean your tools

Each time you use specific tools in your aquaponic garden, remember to clean them. You can use a mixture of bleach and water, which will kill any bacteria present. Also, it is a good idea to have specific tools designed for this type of system. Do not use the tools put in soil for the aquaponic system.

  1. Choose carefully the water for the fish tank

Usually, you will have to use the potable water you get in your house. But if you want to use something like rainwater or water from a local river it is a good idea to test it before. E.coli and enterococci bacteria found aquatic environment proper for their growth.

  1. Use gloves

It does not matter if you check your fish, harvest your crops or install a new grow bed medium. You have to wear at any time gloves. This will prevent the transfer of bacteria from and on your hands. Furthermore, it is a good practice for keeping the aquaponic environment intact.

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