Solar panels and aquaponics

Using the power provided by the sunlight, has become a popular technique all around the world. When it comes to aquaponics, this combination of aquaculture and hydroponics can obtain tremendous benefits from the heat produced by the sun.

The first thing you should do is analyze the dimensions of your aquaponic system design.

This will help you in properly choosing the solar panels. Anyway, you can choose a solar panel depending on what the limitations of your household are.

As you probably know, the temperature in a fish tank is crucial. This is the main thing that influences proper fish growth. This means that you can use a solar panel in order to correctly manage the temperature of your water. Furthermore, if you are using a greenhouse, a solar panel can help you in maintaining the right temperature indoors, which will save you some costs regarding the electrical bill. Consider the fact that the water pumps and the fish tank can be run using the energy provided by solar panels. In this case, you should think about purchasing a back-up generator in order to avoid the risk of losing your entire fish population.

The advantages of using solar energy in an aquaponic system are important. Firstly, you choose to protect the environment and go eco-friendly. Adding up, you can save some money in electricity and in the end you may want to power up your entire house on this sustainable source. Maintenance is also a plus. Solar panels do not require intensive caring, which means you will have to clean them from now and then. Also, checking the system that delivers the energy can help you prevent power failures from happening.

The disadvantages of using solar panels for an aquaponic system have some crucial facts to note, too. We all know that the power you get is directly linked to the amount of sunlight you benefit from on a specific day.  For those that live in areas where the climate is usually colder than in other regions around the world, the quality and quantity of energy can be drastically diminished. This is due to the fact that rainy days are prone to happen on larger periods of time. It is true that you can opt for new technologies that dress this issue, but that means spending more and more money.

Bottom line, using solar panels for an aquaponic system can be a step forward. If you are really passionate of this field, you can opt for using this energy providing system. Furthermore, it is best to think seriously if it is worth installing in your case. For a small aquaponic system it might not be the need for such a thing. But if you want to power up your entire household by using eco-friendly sources, the solar panels will do the job for you. As always, do not forget purchasing and installing a back-up energy source. This might save your fish and crops in care of system malfunctions. The principle used by a back-up device is that of storing unused energy for days when there is enough.

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