The bacteria in the nitrogen cycle

The nitrogen cycle starts with the ammonia fish excrete. To counteract its effects, you will have to add nitrosomonas sp. And again fight this with the nitrobacter, which eats nitrite and transforms it into nitrate.

So, if an aquaponic system reaches the proper levels of all those bacteria, you can affirm that the nitrogen cycle is complete. Here are some facts about all those bacteria:

  • All those bacteria require a certain surface in order to develop on it.
  • They use oxygen in order to survive and perform their tasks.
  • If the environment offers great reproducing conditions, nitrosomonas sp can double after each 7 hours that have passed, while the nitrobacter can double after about 13 hours.
  • They cannot survive at higher temperature rates.

The nitrifying bacteria can grow if the temperature levels in the water are around 25 degrees Celsius. If the temperature is lower than that, its growing rate is decreased by half of its potential. Furthermore, the bacteria will cease to exist at 0 degrees Celsius or at 49 degrees Celsius. This means it cannot stand extreme temperatures.

For the Nitrosomonas, the pH levels are extremely important. If the pH drops under 6.0, it can`t develop furthermore. So, for a perfect aquaponic system, the proper pH levels are placed between 7.0 and 7.2. This level is perfect for the development of plants, fish and bacteria. When the nitrogen cycle starts you will experiment a lower level of pH. In order to keep it high, you can use calcium carbonate. You can choose from various calcium carbonate sources like: shell grit, sea shells, calcium carbonate powder, limestone or eggshells.

Anyway, keep in mind that there are various types of nitrifying bacteria. Depending on their type, you will see that they have specific water parameter preferences. This means that for those that set up a new aquaponic system it will be a must to closely analyze the water. The water chemistry should be stabilized according to factors like the salt concentration.

The number of your fish will influence the nitrogen cycle and the chemistry of water. The higher the number, the higher the risks will be. This is due to the fact that the ammonia and nitrite levels will rise too. Remember that higher levels of those bacteria are more prone to harm your fish population and aquatic flora. Adding up, you will be forced to change very often the water.

Higher levels of ammonia can be determined by excess food that is decomposing in the water. So, do not over feed your fish. This means that if you want to have a functional and healthy aquaponic system you will have to learn your fish needs.

By respecting a few requirements, you can turn out to be successful in this field. The nitrogen cycle is meant to help you achieve the proper aquatic environment. You should carefully consider the number of fish you can place in a predetermined space. By properly selecting the number, you will be able to better control your system.

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