The Speraneo Aquaponic system

The Speraneo System was developed in 1990s by the Speraneo husbands and it represented a boom for that time. Basically, it drastically transformed the North Carolina State System. The difference was made by the huge barrel that was filled with 500 gallon of water.

Another change was the establishment of gravel-cultured hydroponic vegetable beds. The fish effluent was directed to those beds that were placed in a greenhouse. The beauty of the Speraneo System comes from the fact that it is both proficient and fruitful. This being said, it is no wonder it became a symbol of aquaponic greenhouses.

The greenhouse that was employed for setting up the Speraneo System made use of 1.200 gallon of fish barrels. For every tank was set-up a hydroponic bed that along with the barrel formed a node. The principle used was the fact that every node could independently work without the help provided by another. Anyway, this system followed closely the North Carolina State University principles and it modified only few aspects in order to increase its efficiency.

One difference is the fact that the Speraneo System makes use of gravel instead of sand. Following closely, the barrels are placed above ground and not underground. The Tilapia fish is determined to evolve in cooler water.  Another change that sets apart this system is the fact that the water cycle was provided by using specially designed PVC piping and return-flow pumping methods.

The Tilapia grown in this system is nurtured for 7 to 12 months before harvesting. It benefits from tank-cultured algae and extra nutrients, which determines it to grow healthy. The water obtained is perfect for obtaining various vegetables like tomatoes, cucumbers and different salad varieties.

So, if you are looking for constructing a vast greenhouse, this is the perfect system for you. You will be able to make use of several fish barrels linked to their specific vegetable beds, which will offer an increased crop and fish production.