What is barrelponics?

If you think that aquaponics is out of reach for you, you are certainly wrong. Don`t have the space required? Don`t want to spend too much money on the equipment? Don`t want a complicate outcome? Here is your solution: barrelponics.

The barrelponics is the cheapest version of any aquaponic system and can be set up in any household.

You need a small space and two old barrels that ultimately you don`t use at anything else. Some wood for the frame will be required too. Simple, isn`t it?

When choosing the barrel, take into account the previous materials that were stored in it. Some may turn out harmful for your fish population and for your future crops. The perfect barrel would be the polyethylene due to its capacity to endure harsh environment. Also, is resistant and decreases the chances for getting leaks. But for starters any barrel can do the job.

The first thing you should do is dividing the barrel into two equal halves. The result should resemble some sort of boat. Clean again the barrel in order to avoid harmful elements accumulating on it. This will represent your future grow bed.

While you leave those parts to dry, you can start cutting the wood for the frame. This will sustain the barrels and will allow you to place the fish tank underneath. Cut two long pieces of wood and two small ones by taking into account the space available.

Screw the barrels into the wooden frame and make sure they are secure. From this point, you will have to set up some support in order to be able to place it above the tank. Use wood and secure it as well as possible. You do not want everything to fall apart!

Take another barrel and cut its lid in half. Leave the other attached in order to protect your fish. Make a hole in the middle of that half and place the barrel under the wooden frame. Drill a hole above it, directly into the wooden frame. This will help you in the plumbing process.

From here you will have to deal with the plumbing. It is recommended to place an irrigation tube on margins that connects to the fish barrel through the previously drilled hole. Set up a pump and a timer in order to control the flooding process. Also, place a filter for the water to go through. You do not want impurities or other nutrients to alter your fishes’ environment. Connect to a power source and you are almost done.

The last step is filling the two barrel halves with grow bed media. You can choose whatever you want or is available in your area. The criterion for choosing it is to not alter the pH in the fish tank. Furthermore, you can start placing the seeds in it and the fish into the water. The system is set up and the job is done. Keep in mind that your fish tank will need some time to adjust, so the results won`t be astonishing from the start.

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