What is Steveiscrazy IBC System?

Lately there have been developed various methods and designs for installing an aquaponic IBC system. Everyone is proud of their job, but it mostly depends on the space available. This is the main factor that led to the appearance of such variety.

One of the most popular and appreciated methos is the one called Steveiscrazy IBC System.

Have you heard about Steveiscrazy IBC System? No? Here is some info. Firstly, he is not crazy, but rather brilliant. He managed to set up a fully functional IBC system by using a style called CHIFT PIST. This technique uses a big fish tank and different layers of grow beds.

The interesting thing about Steve`s system is the fact that he put in use the solids lift overflow technique. The principle is the following: the water from the tank is redirected towards the first layers of the grow beds. It is a perfect option for removing the waste from the water, which will end up decomposing on the beds. His system uses 3 IBC barrels divided in two parts. On the top are placed the grow beds where the water flows perfectly. Under the beds are placed three IBC halves that are responsible for draining the beds. From this point, water is redirected to a sump and finally back into the fish tank. This Is called a water cycle.

For the grow beds, Steve made use of rock and clay, which made the planting job a lot easier. The beauty of this technique comes from the fact that it uses different levels of grow beds. Here is a better explanation of the above facts: three IBCs are placed as a base for other three IBCs. Water is drained from the fish tank towards the grow beds on the top. From there it goes to their neighbors at the bottom. Flowing continuously, it ends up in a sump and gets filtered. For completing the water cycle, it is redirected back to the fish tank.

So, if this has you convinced, go find your IBC barrels and starting working on this beautiful system. It is pretty ingenious and useful. The fish tank is buried in the ground while the grow beds are stacked as a sort of a pile.