Attic insulation


If your house is a little old and the attic was insulated, then you may need to change the insulation. Be careful with vermiculite insulation as it contains asbestos and it is very dangerous for your health. Home insulation is very important as it can help you save money on energy and maintain the heat in your house for a longer time.

Materials and Tools

  • Ruler
  • Insulation Material
  • Spray gun
  • Hand saw
  • Protective overalls, working gloves, gas mask


Measure the spaces where the insulation needs to be installed. Also consider the thickness of the insulation that you will be installing.


If there is an older insulation installed, then you should use the same type of insulation. It will surely bond better and make a better seal to trap air.

Applying the insulation

Fiberglass can be easily applied as it can be found in rollers. You will need to cut strips at the needed size. Loose-fill fiberglass and cellulose need a blowing machine to be applied. Be sure to fill and the cracks and gaps and make sure that the composition has the right density, otherwise it will all gather in the lower part of the wall.

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