Foam attic insulation on a budget

Insulation is great for reducing the heating and cooling costs in your home. The materials are quite expensive, but you can do the installation with a lower budget.

Recycled newspapers

You can use recycled cellulose instead of commercial-grade insulation.

Of course that it will be less expensive. The installation process is the same, using special blowing equipment.


If you think that using commercial insulation foam is the best way, then wait for sales. You can save up to 50% of the normal costs.Usually sales occur in the spring and autumn.

Online searching

Because the internet is huge, you can find almost anything at lower prices. Take a look at local stores and note down the prices. Spend a few days searching for the best deals on the internet.

To consider

You can cut cost by installing the insulation by yourself. Get a few extra hands and start the process. First, familiarize with the equipment.

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