Insulating attic stairs

Drop-down stairs are great for attic access because they do not take space. The bad thing about them is that they allow heat loss. The best way to insulate them is by creating a box around them.

What You Will Need:

  • Wood cut to size
  • Glue or double sided industrial adhesive tape
  • Nails
  • Hammer
  • Hinges to fit
  • Insulating tape


First of all you need to measure the length of the frame and the internal breadth of the wooden frame. Then measure the height of the folded stairs. This will help you make an idea of the amount of plywood necessary for the job.


You can also use timber instead of plywood. You will need 5 pieces, 2 as long as the internal breadth and 2 as long as the frame. Their width needs to be the same as the height calculated. The other piece will be used if necessary.

Building the box

Make a rectangular frame from the 4 pieces of timber. You can use regular nails to do this. This frame needs to be in the attic.

You can then apply adhesive or double sided tape to the top edge of the attic stair frame and then position it over the stair frame. Now you should have an extended stair frame upwards. Make sure that the 2 frames are in contact all the way around.

Hatch cover

You will be using hinges to connect the pieces of timber to the new frame. The side chosen should not permit the hatch cover to fall to the floor.


You can mount a restraining chain to stop the cover from falling to the floor. Apply a strip of insulated tape around the top of the frame.

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